Thursday, 3 October 2013

Black Violet

Today I am wearing...

The beautiful Black Violet by Tom Ford

Now ladies and gentlemen, should you be yet to have a look at Tom Ford's Private Blend range I would absolutly encourage you to do so. They are a selection of oil based fragrances tailored to a variety of tastes - from oud to coffee to musk I'm sure there is definately one for everyone. Now the quality reflects the price, and these start at a modest £140 mark, but you pay for what you get and Black Violet is no different from any other of Mr Fords products.
It's important to highlight these are all unisex (or 'gender-less') which proves them very popular in Eastern markets where gender is rarely considered when selecting the perfect fragrance. I truely believe this is how fragrance should be - who is who to say what you should like.

Anyway Black Violet is a deeper variation of the range and it holds woody notes as its backbone which is light in comparison to many other woody fragrances. However I truely believe the Violet lifts it in a floral direction. This is not the sweetest of fragrances - I would imagine it may stretch to the affections of the Flowerbomb crowd, but not enough for fans of Creed's Acqua Fiorentina.

There is an air of mystery to the fragrance though I will say, and I believe some would consider it appealing on a lady. It would stand out in any collection, and I can still smell it on myself slightly 8 hours later. Slightly but it's there.

If you are looking for a nice chypre fragrance for a gift, this is definately one to get for someone you admire - rather concubine than companion.

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