Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Marc Jacobs steps down

The great MARC JACOBS steps down from LOUIS VUITTON



When I decided to create this blog, I believed my first post would be based on something from the beauty industry - a review or something of the sorts. However when the news broke after a fortnight of speculation that Marc Jacobs was in fact stepping down from the legendary house of Louis Vuitton, I felt it was something that could never be ignored!

I adore a designer with the ability to leave their mark on the world - this is why Coco, Yves and Christian can be referenced on a first name term and Chanel, YSL and Dior are the first to enter the heads of those with a minimal interest in the fashion world. I really believe Marc Jacobs is the discreet modern day equivelent, as quoted by Vogue as turning Louis Vuitton into an international "powerhouse" after introducing a Ready-to-wear line when they previously specialised only in leather goods and luggage.

His finale featured this morning (02.10.13) and nodded time and time again toward his past shows. It was, in a word, spectacular. If you havent viewed it already I would encourage anybody to do so!
The show opened with a reference to his work with Stephen Sprouse featuring the graffiti print we first saw in 2001 with Brit Edie Campbell walking.
This thing I loved about this the most is it wasnt until after a few minutes I realised she was naked - desexualisation of the female form at its most vunerable really ensures this was infact about the design and nothing more, but I really personally found that the model selection combined with the strength of the pieces was second to none. They were all wearing the garments very well and not the other way around!

Another favourite of mine amoungst the glamourous neo-gothic theme was the use of blue denim. I enjoyed the contrast of colour whilst fitting in with the other biker styles.
There were nods towards LV heritage outside the Ready-to-wear but this show was very much Marcs own,focusing solely on shades of black and detail. And is it just me but is there something slightly 1920's about this beaded gown?
The flooring was production genius where the gown hemlines were concerned for dresses like the one below. It caught them beautifully and gave the crowd chance to see the in all their flowing glory.
The detailing on this is exquisit.
Notice the short matt nails...
I could witter all day about every detail, but like I said before its impossible to understand the beauty without seeing the show. I would recommend the Vogue article - they have a vast gallery of every garment and my images were taken from there.

On a final note I have to acknowledge the clock spinnning backward as the show ended, a clean nod toward a previous show of Marc's representing the end of an era.

Makeup was fresh and porcelain with contouring highlighting the cheek bones. Brows were heavy and straight keeping the black theme consistent.
And can I just acknowledge the head dresses? Stunning. Mr Jacobs you will be solely missed.

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