Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil

I'm painfully lazy with cleansing but like my skin to feel as though its had a thorough clean - liking my eyeliner as much as I do I also either fly through a cleanser or wake up in the morning with black streaks down my face. Obviously cleansing is vital to a healthy skin and makeup wipes are not an option due to a high alcohol content which leaves the skin dry and dehydrated.

So when I was offered the opportunity to try a new cleanser I lept at the chance. Initially I tried a sample and returned to purchase the Premium A/I in the frosted bottle, which claims to target sensitivity and dryness in skin and boost it with radiance and moisture. Sensitivity isn't generally a problem for me but dryness can appear which can make any foundation look cakey.

The inserted instructions state to use two pumps of oil on a dry skin and the product dissolves makeup upon application. Then we are told to wash it away with warm water and are left with fresh skin as a result. It took me a while to get the quantities right as I was convinced I could removed my makeup with one pump for a very long time, but this is simply not enough and I'd still find mascara clumps attatched to my lashes afterward, so heed the two pump instructions when trying this yourself!

All of this happened three years ago and I am still using this cleanser everyday and I absolutly LOVE it. Makeup does literally dissolve and the skin is left clean once the oil has been washed away. My dry skin was also rectified over a few days though I do still get dehydration on my nose so I wouldnt let using this product put you off a really good moisturiser and serum.
 In the last three months my skin seems to have developed oilyness in areas, so I moved onto the green oil (anti-oxidant based with anti-aging benefits) and will definatly be sticking with this one from now on - the consistency is a little lighter where as the frosted yellow one was a little like syrup. I'm always won over by anti-oxidant products!
A final and vital point worth noting is that the larger bottle lasts a year - mine tend to be from August to August so I keep that in mind and it's not let me down yet!

If you decide to try it (which I have recommended everyone I know to do so) then I would suggest talking to a consultant to determine your skin type and confirm which would be better for your needs. If you like a waterproof mascara it would probably worth trying a sample first to see if the oil would be sutible as these can be a little pesky to remove.

If anyone has tried or is going to do so I'd love to hear what you think!

For more information direct from Shu Uemura themselves visit
150ml £29.50
450ml £59

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