Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Forever young

The future of my skin scares me. Obviously how we treat our skin determines how it will look throughout our life, and the thought of a face like the side of a raisin probably bothers me more at 24 than it does most. So with this is mind and with such a love for beauty products I've set it my mission to get the best skincare to suit my complexion.
When I first started using this range, my skin was on the dehydrated side (I got a 'pocky' finish to foundation after a few hours as my skin craved moisture) with dry flakiness around my nose and eyes in particular. I'd been using decent products of both spa brands and fashion houses but this was the first time I've used a whole collection.
With that in mind I'm firstly going to talk about the two serums of the range (excluding the eye serum for now). (Excuse my little chubby child hands ha!)
The first one launched was the Youth Liberator Serum, as featured with the left 'blob'.
This is a really lightweight serum which absorbs into the skin well after moisturising. It's not intended for use around the eye area as Yves Saint Laurent claim the serum is 4 times more intense than the rest of the range, which is just too much on delicate skin.
So what do YSL claim the Youth Liberator will do for you?
This little video gives their explanation..., yeah! Basically the ingredients in the range - in particular the serum (patented to YSL and used for the first time in skincare) - encourages older skin to function the same way as younger skin but preserves younger skin by keeping activity going. The sales associate was very helpful and explained to me that the information found whilst studying this activity has won 7 noble prizes, with 'Glycans' being the key focus.
While this is all well and good when it comes down to it does it work?

I'm 24, so I cant speak for an older lady but they do say that damage to the skin is irreversible and what we should be looking at is preservation, so on that front I can't make much of a personal judgement but I will say this.
After using this product for quite a while now I can't live without it. It's easy to see why somebody may overlook their skincare routine in favour of products with immediate effect (ie. foundations/lipsticks) but I noticed a difference on my skin long term which essentially has a knock on effect on the finish of the rest of our makeup - or the bits we want people to see.

So, I found dehydration dramatically reduced and makeup lasting longer on my nose area which was often an issue in the past. My skin was also brighter - I found that if I'd had a late night while using the serum, there were never any signs of a potential hangover and again my makeup remained even. Having a job requiring me to wear a foundation for 8 hours a day, in the past it would seem as if I had missed patches and over applied in other areas however now my foundation lasts significantly longer and rather than patchiness I find my foundation fades evenly.
Obviously though, this isn't ideal so I'd still recommend using a great primer or BB cream but as far as a skin care product goes I can't falter it.
I would say however to keep an eye on how much you're using on a day to day basis. The instructions state use is necessary on both a morning and evening, but if you have an oily skin I've had friends develop blemishes with more than one daily use. However swings and round-a-bouts, the product would last you longer.
Also its important to stick to the 5p rule as this is really all that is necessary and any more takes time to absorb effectively. Worth noting however is the helpful YSL video on application techniques, though obviously this isn't for everyone.
I'd recommend everyone to try this at some point, and out of the whole range, both the serums I will continue to go back for in future. In conjunction with the Light Creator, YSL suggest using this on a morning for instant radiance.
Prices start at £61 for a 30ml (50ml - £82 as in top picture and 75ml - £95), but if this seems quite steep for a product you have never tried before, YSL usually sell gift sets around the christmas period with a half sized bottle free. Last year the purchase was a Touche Eclat and mascara with an additional complimentary makeup bag. I'll be returning to a counter soon to stock up!
Forever Light creator to follow...

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